Monday, May 28, 2012


I can't believe how long it's been since I posted to this blog. Not sure where I'm going with it, but I decided it was time to resurrect it. Look for some great stories about how God is using His people to connect to each other...through interpersonal interactions, through social media, etc.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's been a crazy coupla months!

Time flies when you're trying to juggle working 2 businesses you love, family, friends, family illness and death (Jam's grandma died in December:((), the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's holidays, a vacation to Maui, courtesy of my sterling silver jewelry biz (I'm proud to say I'm among the top 3% of reps in my company!), and a family trip to Tampa for a good friend's wedding....and a side trip to the House of Mouse!!! Whew!! I'm exhausted remembering all that's happened since my last post!!

But, most of it has been great. Maui was incredible, stupendous, amazing, wonderful, you think I could go on and on????? It was truly the first vacation that I didn't want to come home, what kids??? I could be overheard saying, "Jam, do you think your mom would adopt our kids?", or "Jam, could be a catamaran could do that job".....things like that! Seriously, if you haven't been to Hawaii, start saving and making your plans! I can't go back soon enough. And, my company (which I can't name due to the company internet compliance regs), really did our trip up right! We stayed at the Hyatt Maui in a corner mini-suite!! Gorgeous views....amazing pool, etc. I'm certainly gonna qualify for next year's trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas!!! And, believe it or not, I'm off to Florida again in 2 1/2 weeks for my company's Leadership Conference in Ponte Vedre Beach!

And, we just got back this week from a week in Florida. We went to see our good friend Janinne Collins, now Janinne Abel, get hitched. You've never seen a bride so excited! We had a ton of fun! We suprised the kids with a LONG day trip to Disney World. We were all screaming as we drove through the Mouse gates!! We went with our good friends the Taylors and the Moores and their kids. We had a great day and our family extended the stay with a special Pirate and Princess Party, afterhours. The kids had a blast and we were close to shutting down Disney at midnight. It was a fun 14 1/2 hour day!!!!

Whew! I'm off to take a nap...this has worn me out!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Best Friends...

Christina (a.k.a. Kissinina to my kids), one of my best friends, came from Tampa to visit me this week. We had a wonderful time laughing, hanging out, shopping, eating and reconnecting. It has been a rough year of changes for her and it was good for us to be able to process and talk about them face-to-face. There really is nothing like good girlfriend time. I've always wanted a sister, so I guess that's why I've collected such wonderful women friends over the years. And, while I may not always be in close touch, each of them holds a very special place in my heart:) So, here's to good friends, good times and reconnecting!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


There have been lots of new things going on around here since I last posted during the summer. Jamie has found a new professional home at Country Insurance and Financial Services. He studied hard for weeks at the end of the summer, passing all the licensing exams to handle your life, home and auto insurance needs! Then, in September, he passed his Series 66 exam, which allows him to handle financial planning matters. He handles exam taking so much better than I do! I tried to be empathetic, but it really took me back to the Bar Exam after law school, and I had to stop myself several times from telling him to SUCK IT UP! Seriously, he executed his studying plan much better than I would have and came out smellin' like roses!! He passed them all with tons of room to spare:) So, we are adjusting to our new routines, etc and we're excited to have him back doing something that he enjoys! Call him when your home and auto insurance comes up for renewal!! And, of course, if you haven't taken care of getting life insurance yet, then call him for that too!! Finally, he'd love to help you plan your financial future:)) It's so fun to get our financial ducks in a row and to know that our experiences can help others who've been putting off taking care of these important decisions!! More on other things IMI in another post!

Fall in Bellingham

Well, it's here, isn't it? Hard to believe that summer's come and gone, and we're already into the windy, rainy days of fall. But, with the changes in weather come gorgeous color in the trees, a new school year and other "fresh starts"!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kids at birthday party

We celebrated the 11th anniversary of my 29th birthday with our good friends, the Morses and the Anderson-Englehorns. Here's a picture of the kids having fun with cherries.
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My lazy dog, Kaman, where he shouldn't be:)) But, he's almost 13 so we cut him some slack every now and then:)
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Ski to Sea Parade

We have this cool event every Memorial Day weekend in Bellingham called Ski to Sea. It's a huge relay race from the top of Mt. Baker down to the Bay in Bellingham. The various legs include: downhill skiing (yes, on the day before Memorial Day:)); cross-country skiing; running; mt. biking; road biking; canoeing; and kayaking. And, of course there's a parade the day before the celebrate all the pain these atheletes will feel the next day. So, here we are at the parade with our good friends, the Forbes. From left to right, Caleb, Maryn, Emma, Larsen. Note the fleece:))
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Larsen in the pool

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Maryn in the pool

No, for your Florida's not outside cuz this was still in May:))
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Friday, January 12, 2007

Another snow picture. This was taken on our back deck. Posted by Picasa
Power girls! They were out having more fun in the 3! It's been clear, but very cold, not even hitting freezing here today:)) I'm lovin' the view from my office window...white everywhere! Jamie and the girls ventured out to the grocery store late this afternoon...the roads were OK, but the parking lot at the store was very icy. That's why I stayed home:)) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Maryn's ready for a snow ball fight!

The sun is on its way down and it's COLD! The wind chill is about 10...I chickened out and came inside, but Maryn and Larsen are still outside throwing snow at each other!! Posted by Picasa

Christmas Collage

From top left, going clockwise:
Larsen with Demetria, her new Cabbage Patch doll;
Jamie and his girls;
The note the girls left for Santa...note the math problem Maryn left for him:);
Jamie with his coffee loot! Posted by Picasa

Christmas eve 2006

Jamie and the girls in the Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve in Bellingham. Posted by Picasa

Maryn and Molly, her new American Girl doll....

....yes, it's started:))) Posted by Picasa

Here's the newest addition to my family!

Meet Lucas Milburn...he belongs to my cousin, Lisa Knopf Milburn, and her husband, Neil. Those of you who know my family will remember that these are now my California cousins. Sadly, I didn't get to meet Lucas until he was 4 months old...I went down after Christmas for my Uncle Ray's funeral. Hard occasion, but I was so happy to meet my new little cousin (who feels more like a nephew!). Isn't he cute? Looks just like his dad! Posted by Picasa

Maryn and Larsen last night in the snow

Jamie was out clearing the driveway, the sidewalk, the road and our neighbor's driveway and we were out playing. Very surreal:) Posted by Picasa

Snowing on our back deck-Wed. 1/10

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Maryn and Larsen in the snow!

We had our 2d snow storm of the year yesterday. We ended up getting about 7 inches!!!! This Florida girl loves it!! More pics later:))) Posted by Picasa